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Combining fitness, relaxation and postural rebalancing tools, the products and methods developed by Waff help to improve your balance on three levels: physical, mental and emotional.

The Waff is an inflatable cushion that acts as a suction to the floor. Designed using the 3D technology to benefit  the human body.

The Waff comes in 3 different sizes, each with its own unique capability to serve as both a tool for active exercising and relaxing.

Already available in Europe, America and Australia, Waff is highly regarded and recommended by many medical and therapy teams, physical trainers and fitness professionals.

Waff is suitable for everybody and helps create permanent control of imbalance or unsteadiness. It is an excellent fitness tool that works muscles in a safe environment, eliminating pressure points that can generate disorder or pain. Working out on a Waff will improve core strength, balance, coordination, posture and much more in a fun and innovative way! 

Whether you sit all day long in front of a computer or have a physically demanding job, whether you are an eager youngster or a more mature person, whether you are female or male, Waff is for you. 

What others are saying about Waff...
  • "I was recommended my Waff a year ago with regards to finding better ways to train - there is a lot out there! After sustaining injuries throughout my rugby career, it has helped me bounce back from a neck injury. It is fun to use, reliable, and easy to set-up. The range of exercises I can get from it is endless - challenging my body to reach the next level with my Waff is exciting and focusses on my ideal physical ambitions." - Stan Afeaki

  • The Waffs are not only communication-friendly, elegant, stylish and fun, they are also healthcare products in a broad sense. They are easy both to use and carry and are incredibly efficient. Its spectrum of use is wide and it can be used by anybody: from relaxation, massage, global or specific joint workout to proprioception, preventing the loss of independence of older people, promoting fitness and pelvic girdle developing and reinforcing." - FX Férey

  • "I rarely post review about any kind of product but it is such a shame when there is on a market a great product like the Waff and it is barely know here in Australia. I discovered waff when I was 6 months of pregnancy during the International Spa and Beauty expo in Sydney. I was quite skeptical but then I tried the pregnancy pack. I was very stressed and my movements were very tights due to my pregnancy. To me, the waff helped my breathing...

  • "Waff is about Performance training and Fun When you start using Waff you won’t be able to do without it. Waff revolutionizes today’s training. Each of my athletes has integrated Waff became part of my athlete day to day work-out to improve Balance control, posture, core training, strength and recovery. Elite trainers will enjoy the materiel the quality and the easy-pump and easy-go." - Fabrice Gautier

  • "I came across Waff at a wellness class where we each had to bring a small cushion. It caught my attention because it looked smart and so handy too. It arrived deflated and folded into one of the student's bag and in a few blows it was ready to sit on. You could adjust it to your pleasing by adding or lowering the air inside. Now I have my very own Waff. I use it mostly to sit on and it forces me to sit up straight. I can wobble around a bit and feel...

  • The human being is permanently seeking equilibrium both in his life and his body. Each therapist tries to restore, maintain or improve this equilibrium, this homeostasis. Its shape and springiness make the Waff the ideal interface or running board for good health. Whether as a remedy or in prevention waff standing, sitting or lying and you will generate a new stability in yourself. - Maxime Verber

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